Ahead-of-class UX design automation.
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     delivers an ahead-of-class UX automation solution using cognitive customer-service relationship frameworks, behavior data, and codified UX components.

Configure Experiences From Relationship Data

  • The profitable customer service relationship is goal based, transactional, measurable and patterned.
  • Customer relationship behavior data is leveragable into codified conversion journeys.
  • The moments-that-matter in relationship conversion journeys can be mapped and managed with configurable milestone properties...
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Customer conversion paths are built on ubiquitous patterns and contain reusable objects. codifies patterns into configurable goal states, milestones, tasks and moments-that-matter.

Codify Design of the Conversion Journey

  • Convert 'happy paths' into design templates, and path events into UX components.
  • Visually create, manage and optimize the entire customer goal journey.
  • Close gaps between product marketing, design and engineering.
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Automating your product design process will save time and money by slimming design cycles, creating a behavior-data-based visualization of the customer journey, and will ultimately improve your customer relationships.

Automate Repetitive Product Design Flows

  • Create conversion flow design assets automatically with codified patterns, configurable components and customer behavior data.
  • Quickly render component based goal conversion paths, events, screens and states using customer service relationship data.
  • Reduce product iteration churn during UX design cycles.
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The future of product design is now.

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